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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Bond Boost for Bollinger and Belvedere!

Advertising works, if searches for James Bond-related drinks are anything to go by.

Although it won't be released for another five weeks, the latest James Bond movie has already left the drinks industry stirred, if not shaken – and it's also having an impact on our users.

Spectre, the 24th installment of the seemingly ageless franchise, opens in cinemas on November 6, but the hype has gone beyond mere product placement, with Champagne house Bollinger once again releasing a special edition and Belvedere vodka also getting in on the act.
Bollinger's Spectre Limited Edition Champagne is a cuvée from the 2009 vintage, which chef de cave Gilles Descôtes described as "the best, the richest wine". It comes in a black cool-box covered in embossed Bollinger and 007 branding. The outside of the case is designed to imitate the texture of the handgrip of Bond's favored sidearm, the Walther PPK.
It's the latest in a series of Bond-related releases by Bollinger, which has had a commercial relationship with the movie franchise since 1979's Moonraker.
Polish vodka producer Belvedere is the latest name to attach itself to the famously brand-friendly Bond franchise with a 007 Spectre bottling and a Silver Saber version, which will be limited to 3000 bottles.
Belvedere president Charles Gibb said that the association with Bond was all about growing the vodka brand in a way that simple advertising could not. After all, what could be better for a vodka brand than having Daniel Craig order your product on the big screen?
"The release of Spectre this year is a cultural event in many, many countries, which allows us to put ourselves into culture on a global basis, as we wouldn't have been able to in any other way," Gibb said.
"I think Bond is a man of style, taste, and character, and he's a man who knows the difference – he makes distinct choices in what he drinks, what he drives and what he wears, and those choices are universally respected and admired."
And while some may scoff at the idea that seeing an actor order a drink might influence them into doing the same, it certainly appears to work. Since the launch of the Bond-aligned drinks, searches on Wine-Searcher for both Bollinger's Spectre release and the Belvedere have gone through the roof, and the movie is still more than a month away.

Source: http://www.wine-searcher.com