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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Michel Rolland on 2013 Bordeaux

Michel Rolland: "A vintage that will give great pleasure"

It's not "great" but it will provide good drinking in the coming years.

Rolland believes that the technological advances in the vineyard over the past 20 years has created some well-priced wines.

“The last vintage that was as complicated as 2013 was 1992. But, at this time, we didn’t remove the leaves from the vines, we didn’t know much about green harvesting, we didn’t know how to sort, we didn’t know how to separate parcels within a vineyard and to vinify them separately,” he explained. “We just didn’t have the answer to the questions that nature posed. This year, we have the answers and made wines that largely good value for money.”

Rolland admitted: “It’s not a great vintage but a vintage that will give pleasure.”

Michel Fillion of Bordeaux negociant Yourwine tasted some 700 wines during en primeur week and said he was “pleasantly surprised by the quality, even if it hasn’t got the potential for longevity compared to previous vintages.”

Rolland is optimistic for the future of the 2013s. “I am certain that within three or five years, people will say they are surprised with the wines of 2013 because there are some very good wines, just like 2002 and 2007.”

Source: http://www.wine-searcher.com/