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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Study Identifies Wine Consumer Personalities

Constellation Brands unveils new version of Project Genome, naming six consumer segments

Constellation Brands unveils new version of Project Genome, naming six consumer segments

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Constellation Brands has released results of a comprehensive study identifying six segments of wine drinkers based on their purchase behavior, motivations and preferences. The study follows up on a similar study conducted ten years ago.

Three of the segments identified in the study are new, reflecting today's changing wine consumers. The new segments -- identified as Engaged Newcomers, Everyday Loyals and Price-Driven consumers -- account for more than half of the wine drinking public in the United States and Canada.

The segmentation study provides insights for Constellation's marketing team for aligning its brands with consumers. Constellation Brands' vice president of strategic insights, Dale Stratton, told winebusiness.com the company chose to share the findings because having a common vernacular for talking about the wine category and the wine consumer improves communication within the trade. "It drives a better understanding of the wine category," Stratton said. "We want to make the category grow.

"By understanding the six distinct types of wine drinkers we identified in this study, we help our retail and distributor partners more effectively reach consumers, build education and help wine drinkers by providing recommendations and developing products that meet their preferences, palates and price point," Stratton said.

Consumer Segment - Consumer Profile

Price Driven
(21 percent of consumers)
* I believe you can buy good wine without spending a lot
* So price is a top consideration

Everyday Loyals
(20 percent of consumers)
* Wine drinking is part of my regular routine
* When I find a brand I like, I will stick with it

(19 percent of consumers)
* I drink wine, but it does not play an important role in my life
* I donít enjoy shopping for wine, and find it complex and overwhelming

Image Seekers
(18 percent of consumers)
* How others perceive me is important
* I want to live a life that impresses others
* I want to make sure the wine I choose says the right thing about me

Engaged Newcomers
(12 percent of consumers)
* I'm young and new to an intimidating category
* Wine is a big part of the socializing I do
* I'm interested in learning more

(10 percent of consumers)
* I love everything about the wine experience
* I love researching purchases, reading reviews, shipping, discussing, drinking, sharing with others

Source and article:  http://www.winesandvines.com/template.cfm?section=news&content=134707