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Friday, 7 November 2014

Two men and a baby rob liquor store!

Getting a babysitter might be a pain, but bringing a baby along to an armed robbery is a bit much, even for the most flippant of fathers.

That appeared to be the case for two men, and a baby, who robbed a liquor store in Washington DC on Wednesday, as reported by the WJLA.com.

The men, one of which had a baby strapped to his chest, were captured on CCTV walking down a street prior to the crime.

However as the unlikely trio passed Union Liquors store, the baby-free man suddenly pulled out a gun and ran inside, stealing an ATM box containing around $1,200.

The thief is seen running off down the street with the box, while the man with the baby meanwhile simply walks away.

The gunman chose to wear a bright neon vest to carry out the crime, further adding to the robbery’s unusual nature.

The unconventional trio’s likeness to the 1980’s hit comedy Three Men and Baby, starring Tom Selleck, was not lost.


Source: www.thedrinksbusiness.com