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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Belvedere vodka signs James Bond deal!

Belvedere Vodka has been announced as a drinks partner of the upcoming James Bond film Spectre, in what will be its biggest global marketing campaign to date.

The partnership will see Bond swap a pint of Heineken for a Martini, much to the delight of the franchise’s purists.

For 2012’s Skyfall, the spy was seen drinking Heineken having struck a deal with the brewer – a partnership slated as implausible by fans.

The LVMH-owned vodka brand will release a range of promotions and activations ahead of the the film, due for release in November 2015, as well as two 1.75 litre limited edition bottles.

A limited run of 100 bottles featuring an image of MI6, with its signature blue colouring swapped for the spy agency’s green ink. None of the 100 bottles will be available for sale, but will be gifted to Bond aficionados and donated to charity auctions. A second limited edition bottle, a twist on Belvedere’s metallic and illuminated Silver Sabre bottles, will go on sale next year in a wider “but selective” market.

Charles Gibb, president of Belvedere Vodka, said: “James Bond is recognised as the most admired and influential tastemaker in the world. We’re delighted that Belvedere will be partnering with Spectre, our largest global partnership to date.”

The new marketing campaign will roll out from February 2015 with a “strong focus” in the on- and off-trade.

bv_007_silver saber
007 Silver Saber

Source: www.thedrinksbusiness.com