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Monday, 2 March 2015

Beer-drinking men are ‘cheap and tasteless’ !

Women think men who drink beer are “cheap and tasteless”, while men think women who drink beer are “laddish”, according to a survey by Illicit Encounters, a UK dating site for married people.

Not only that, but opt for red wine and women will think you’re “pretentious”, or even a “fan of emasculating sex”.

The research, which was released on Friday, showed that a person’s choice of drink says more about them than their outfit or hairstyle – and while whisky sippers were considered “charming”, red wine drinkers were deemed mostly “pretentious”, and almost three quarters of female respondents thought that male Champagne consumers were “tossers”.

Since 2012, Roger Federer has been a brand ambassador for Moët & Chandon.

This finding may come as a particular surprise considering the many famous fictional as well as real-life characters who are closely associated with Champagne: from secret agent James Bond to tennis champion Roger Federer – the celebrity face of Moët today.

Covering 3,000 members of the website, the results also surveyed men’s views of a female’s choice of drinks, which showed that women who sip Champagne were considered “high maintenance”, while those who consumed red wine were “confident”, and whisky drinkers were declared “strong-minded”.

In general, the cheaper drinks such as lager were more commonly associated with loudmouths, with 89% relating the word “boisterous” to beer, while more upmarket options faired better, with 72% of Illicit Encounters’ members matching the word “suave” to the classic Martini.

“It’s a good idea to learn what drink stereotypes are associated with personality traits so you know what to order for a prospective partner, and you don’t offend a classy woman by buying her a pint of Budweiser on your first date,” schooled Claire Page from Illicit Encounters.
The research covered beer to Bloody Mary to discover what different drinks say about you, and you can see the results over there:

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