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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Budapest cheapest holiday spot for wine!

Budget wine lovers should make a beeline for Budapest, which is home to the cheapest glass of wine according to a survey of 46 of the world’s most popular holiday destinations.


An average glass of wine will set you back just 95p in the Hungarian capital, closely following by the Algarve at £1.21, and Spain’s Costa Del Sol at £1.42.

Wine lovers on a budget should however avoid Jumeirah in Dubai, where an average glass of wine will set you back an eye-watering £9.35. The residential Dubai enclave is closely followed in the high cost stakes by Muscat in Oman, where an average glass of wine costs £8.63, and China Town in Singapore where a glass costs £7.55.

The survey was carried out by the UK Post Office as part of its 2015 Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer, which monitors the price of eight tourist items in 46 destinations worldwide – including dinner for two, drinks and suncream.

In terms of beer, Bulgaria’s “cheap as chips” Sunny Beach resort came out on top as home to the cheapest bottle of local beer or lager costing just 64p, while an average glass of wine costs £1.71. Sunny Beach was followed by the Algarve, where an average bottle of beer costs 84p, and Kololi in Gambia, whose bottled beer came in at just 92p.

The most expensive bottle of local beer or lager can be found in Penang in Malaysia, costing £8.85, followed by Jumeirah in Dubai at £8.41 and Singapore’s China Town at £6.51.

Overall, low priced meals in the Czech capital made Prague this year’s best value destination, alongside Budapest. The report also noted that a 19% fall in barometer costs would make the Greek island of Crete a hot tip for 2015.

Andrew Brown, of Post Office Travel Money said: “Meal prices can have a big impact on the holiday budget and make a big dent in their holiday finances for people who plan to eat out every night. In the Algarve a three-course evening meal with wine costs just over £16 for two people while lunch comes in at £12. That’s less than half the price in other eurozone resorts including Ibiza, Sorrento and Nice. With this in mind, the best advice is to do some homework in advance and be aware of what to expect before facing the bill.”

Source: www.thedrinksbusiness.com

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